What is Real Life (Lifestyle Photography)?

What is Lifestyle Photography? It’s capturing a moment in time, a favorite activity, something dear to your heart. Lifestyle Photography is definitely a different way of thinking about family pictures. Instead of getting dressed in your Sunday best and say “CHEESE” for the camera, I want to come into your home and capture candids that focus on connection, emotion, intimacy, and (most importantly) joy!

One of my favorite memories growing up was baking cinnamon rolls with my grandma. So when I had a daughter of my own, I had a photographer capture an afternoon of baking with my grandma, my mom, my little girl, and myself. Now that my grandma has passed, I treasure these photos and, every time I see them, I hear her laughter and smell those sweet “grandma rolls”. Those pictures evoke a memory that I will be forever grateful to have had.

Some common questions:

Do I have to clean my house?
Clean, no. Declutter, yes. Just emptying counters and stacking books can help your eye to focus on the subjects in the picture.
What do we wear?
Clothes that are comfortable and reflect your style and your family’s style. If you little girl is into tutus, by all means, let her put her tutu on. We want to remember these innocent stages of life.
What do we do?
In your pre-shoot questionnaire I will ask you “What activities are special to your family?” Do you have a tradition of Saturday pancakes? Do you love board games, building forts, campfires, snuggling in bed, or baking cookies? We will set up your favorite family activities and capture the joy you have doing them together.
What do we do with the photos?
I will definitely get some ‘portrait’ shots of everyone looking at the camera if you would like one for grandparents or holiday cards. My hope would be that we create a gallery wall or photo book that reminds you of your special time together.

I would love to capture you in your Real Life!

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