Just a Moment

For the past 12 years we have been blessed to be able to vacation with our closest friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth in Colorado! We take time to get away from it all and hike, eat, relax, and adventure. I forget how necessary and therapeutic it is to put a pause on life. To wake up with zero agenda and no place to be.

Our kids roam the mountainside collecting pinecones and rocks, while their daddy and I drink coffee in our pj’s and watch the hummingbirds flutter around us (although there is one persistent birdy that insists on trying to drink from my pink iphone!) The best of part of our yearly trip is the evenings that Jason and I spend on the deck, under the blanket of stars, dreaming. With wine in hand we discuss “what ifs” to our heart’s content. Little by little, we are getting to see our dreams come true!

So, this is where you’ll find me for the next week. And when I get home, I have a baby boom waiting for me! I can’t wait! See you soon!